Becoming a leading company of drive-to-store service in the retail sector

A success story led by three engineers

The habits of consumers have undergone an undeniable change, both in the planning and execution of purchases, which has occurred at the same rate as the evolution of new technology. The twins Eva and María Martín together with Jonathan Lemberger, a classmate of university, recognised this growing need and founded Tiendeo in 2011, implementing a new way to reach customers, converting the traditional mailshot into the digital mailshot. In only 7 years and 4 rounds of investment (reaching a total of less than one million euros) the company has become a leading platform in the retail sector with a staff of more than 140 employees and 5 offices around the world (Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia). Nowadays, Tiendeo is not only a platform of geolocalized catalogues and coupons, but thanks to the ultimate technologies and the huge success in the retail sector it has become a leading company of drive-to-store services. Tiendeo allows companies to optimize and improve their marketing campaigns impacting a high quality audience through all the customer journey and driving customers to end the shopping process in the physical store.

More than 200 TOP
retailers trust Tiendeo